7 tips for travel in Thailand almost for free

1. House exchange

Travel in Thailand: House exchenge

A good idea for travel in Thailand is to exchange your home for vacation. A lot of foreigners build houses in different touristic places in Thailand, and are looking for an exchange. Some Thai people would also like to visit another country. You can easily contact them via special web resources, which deal with exchange info and arrival dates. A free house for vacation is yours.


2. Fellow travelers

Travel in Thailand: Fellow travelers.

Thailand is famous in South East Asia for its good roads. Travel by car is a great pleasure here. In addition, car rental is very affordable: it starts about 700 Bht per day/ 12000 Bht per month. Find fellow travelers, share the costs and get great freedom of movement. Explore Bangkok, see Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai and rest on a beach in Koh Samui, Phuket or Koh Chang. Even go on a visa run together.


3. Become a Volunteer

Travel in Thailand:Become a Volunteer.

Some charities provide volunteers with all accommodation, food and fellowship, while some provide only housing. Use HelpX to find organic farms and backpacker hotels around Thailand, who offer to be your hosts in exchange for some work. You can also find places for rest and opportunity to develop spiritually in Buddhist temples, which are very friendly for travelers and seekers.

HelpX is an online listing of facility who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation.



Travel in Thailand: WWOOF.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms («World opportunities on organic farms”) – the World Farmers Association is ready to offer you food and lodging in exchange for household helping. It’s more specific than HelpX, if you want to live among the palms away from civilization, then this is for you.


5. Hitchhiking

Travel in Thailand: Hitchhiking.

Thailand is a wonderful hitchhiking country – but peoples  not familiar with the concept of hitchhiking always want to drop you off at a bus station.

Say Yes to hitchhiking in Thailand.  Thai people are hospitable and willing to help. Local farmers and truck drivers will pick up hitchhikers with great pleasure and often treat them to fresh fruit. Read more hitchhiking instructions and trust your intuition.


6. Couchsurfing

Travel in Thailand: Couchsurfing.

Mega popular Couchsurfing helps to find hosts in Bangkok, Chang Mai, Surat Thani and others cities. The offers in tourist places may not be so varied.


7. Tent.

Travel in Thailand: Tent.

Perhaps this would be an additional burden, but a portable bed can be very useful if you want to rest a few days in nature, away from the beaten track. In Thailand there are many wild nature spots for this: wild beaches, untouched islands, even jungles for someone willing to go to the extreme!