Full Moon Party April 2014


Full Moon Party 14 April 2014 Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Sometimes I hear from friends and fellows: The Full Moon Party is trash. It’s difficult to argue with that, garbage wallows everywhere on the beach, but this is an expected situation when 10,000 eating, drinking and dancing party people gather in the same spot. And by the way, the entrance fees are collected exactly for this purpose, to clear the beach the next morning.

As they say in Thailand, this Full Moon was “Same, Same but Different”. Usually by 1 A.M. a lot of happy and smiling people full of energy still remain, but not this time.

When I arrived on Haad Rin beach, the sleep zone was full. Pinned down guys and their friends, barely standing on their feet. Happy swimmers, not paying attention to those pissing nearby into the sea. What a picture I saw at that first moment. All of this happens at every Full Moon, but not so vivid or so loud. Probably it’s the result of the recent Songkran, Thai New Year, celebrated for 3 days over the full moon.

And at this moment I realized, that I already lost the best part of the party. So I took my camera and charged to the very center of crowd. The party finale will be mine, that’s what I thought.
The night air was steaming and the endless fun energy thundered everywhere. Seems to me that everyone felt a second breath of life and the dancing started over again. A smile was raised and all the party people were happy again.





















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