Welcome you on Thai Party for Me.

And thank you for your interest. Here we would like to describe our thoughts feelings and goals, for what and why we making this magazine.

In few sentences: Thai Party for Me is   is online magazine and community of readers about ultimate party lifestyle in Thailand. Gallery of photo reports, upcoming events calendar, manuals and  guides to the best islands parties ever.

But it’s look too commercial and official, more suitable for catalog’s description  than for you our dear readers.  So firstly let me tell about dream we have.

The dream that somewhere far far away a beautiful paradise island awaits each of us. In this uncharted place carefree youth lasts forever and celebration goes every day and night long. Here seductive smiles burn the hearts and love floating in the air.

And we believe that everyone can find such a place.  Thai Party for Me is online magazine about one of these places – islands of Thailand.

People arrive to these tropical islands and find here a paradise, find a party that never ends. In Full Moon drive they delight and dance on the sands of Haad Rin beach, find new friends here and fall in love. Some of them open a peace and liberation inside. But all this discoveries are lost in daily routine, which lies beyond a beach.

To prevent it we created Thai Party for Me,  to memorize this priceless moments, to keep a friendships with people that became close, and to protect the sense of infinite freedom and happiness.  Everyday we are looking for best parties on an islands and direct to them,  post photo reviews from unique party, festivals and Full Moon Party of course. So everyone, who been there, could find the their picture and save it for good memory.

We have a map of these magic places and we are glad to share it. Maybe it will not be fit for everyone, but after all a secret beach it’s way of life. And party on every day it’s Thai Party for me.