Dj Fresh

We met up with DJ Fresh on beach party of Phangan island, where he gave amazing full of drive djing. We took a few shots of his truly talented  professional work on the stage and asked to share some deep thoughts after the show.
Fresh. Koh Phangan Thailand.


Life. Make the most of it. See everything, do everything. Explore. Be the best you can be. Rise to a challenge. Avoid confrontation. Fight for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid. Spread love. Have compassion and understanding. Become comfortable with uncertainty. Be free.

Love. Love is the most important thing.. It sounds like a cliche, but the one thing we know is that we were put here to procreate. From love are born compassion and understanding. I believe the universe is connected, like a web, and all living things are part of one giant entity. I think we are all the same energy looking out at the world through our individual eyes and circumstances. If we treated everyone as we would want ourselves treated the world would be a wonderfull place.

DJing. For me Djing is a way to perform my music and music that I love to people who love music! To get feedback, ideas. I see myself as more of a musician than a DJ but I love both. I’ve been Djing all over the world since I was 18. I’ve djed in places across America, Asia, Austrailia, India, Europe and Russia!

Thailand. I love Thailand. I would like to learn to speak Thai and to understand better the ways of the Thai people. Not just as a privileged tourist. I am very interested in Buddhism and this makes a Thailand a particularly special place to me. It is sad to see what is happening politically in Thailand at the moment. I hope the Thai people find peace and happiness in their beautiful country.

Home. My home is Oxford in England. The famous university town. It is very pretty and has very beautiful and interesting architecture and a colourful history. There’s always a lot going on and it’s close enough to London for me to get to airports quickly, which is important for me! I live in a little thatched house surrounded by fields with two cats, Leonardo and Vincent.

Friends. I’m attracted to larger than life characters, most of my friends are a bit eccentric! I love to experience the world through the eyes of people with a strong sense of self and with their own angle on life. I’m a great believer in freedom and I love people who follow their dreams. Those are the people I choose to surround myself with.

The favorite Dream. I often dream of a place I believe to be near Spain with dark volcanic rocky cliffs. An island. There’s a train station there. In this dream there is always a swimming pool with three lanes, in which one swims a shark. I find myself climbing up a mountain and I trip up and fall.. I have always wondered if this is how I will die. I went to Tenerife for the first time a few years ago. It looked so similar to my dream I didn’t want to leave my hotel room for a whole day!