DJ Pablo Escobud

Pablo Escobud. Koh Samui Thailand.


I eat, breathe & sleep house music. I’m a soul man, the music has to move me… as it has to move the crowd around me too. The funkier and groovier the beats, the better in my opinion. I have my roots in soul and funk, and I am dedicated to the cause. It’s all about House Music. And Techno too, occasionally, when the mood and the party call for it…

I’ve been kicking around the Koh Phangan party scene for the last 15 or so years. I’ve seen many changes in that time, but most emphatic for my DJ career was the sea change in the scene from Psy-Trance to Tech House over the last five years. Suddenly, the parties became much more interesting, and my style of music came into demand big time!

I’m lucky enough to be a DJ regular at the phenomenal Jungle Experience Koh Phangan, and have played a wide range of Koh Phangan venues such as Voodoo, Loi Lay, Secret Garden, MerKaBa Beach Club and the infamous Full Moon Party, to name just a few.

Summer Tour 2013 took me to London, Ibiza and Hong Kong, but I’m a Koh Phangan DJ at heart and my soul belongs to the party scene on the paradise Thai islands!

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