DJ Nakadia

We just charmed by DJ Nakadia. Because of music, because of her style, because… Well, it’s obvious. All we wanted to know was, what does Nakadia love?
 Nakadia. Koh Samui Thailand.


Love. I Love music. Its inside me and all around me and gets all my time.

Thailand. The best country in the world, even so many things are not perfect and so many things i like to change. But I am not in politics, all I can do is bringing better music to Thailand, and that worked pretty well the Last years.

Religion. Should make the world a better place, but it does the opposite. It should be about doing good things and stands for the most terrible things happening in this world. I have my believe but I dont follow any religion.


Women DJ. DJing is not about gender. I love to listen to good DJs, I cant take it to listen to bad DJs. Women or man doesnt matter. Sad that many DJ girls just use their looks to get bookings and have nothing else to offer to the dancefloor.

Music. Music is my love and my Religion! I could not live one day without music. It brings all the love and happiness to the world. Music is all about emotions, so that is why I cannot listen to “music” that is just noise – the emotion is missing.


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  • Declan Conlon

    Nakadia has the music in the bag! :-)

  • thaipartyforme

    And in her soul! )

  • Jens Schmitz

    Naka is the modern beat of Thailand